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Event & Media Management

With the growing population of event promoters emerging in the big cities, "the nightlife industry" as it is often called, is now more of an organized community than just plain hobby. Cities like New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Miami are witnesses of the vast networking efforts made by individuals running the nightly events.

Promoters are looking to the Web and associated tools to make the best of their business, web graphics incorporating flash animations and plenty of imaging displaying flyers and information regarding weekly, featured and special events.

The issue at hand is that many poorly managed content is often seen on these sites. Due to the lack of proper advice, event promoters tend to end up with a half-blog site, featuring dropped off flyers and barely a navigation and structure that serves the minimum if anything.

As a response to a great need for professional promotion sites, JD. Giron, LLC has implemented back-end functionality tailored specifically for those custom websites built for Event Promoters. We have identified a need, investigated pain points and creatively developed a fully functional, easy-to-use and complete set of integrated tools that can work behind a promoter's site using Content Management principles. Now all event promoter sites can have an easy integration to a system that will cater to their needs.

This application is part of our global CMS solution and it is available to all JD Giron Web Marketing customers as well as existing sites looking to improve internal functionality.
The feature set of our Event & Media manager includes:
  • Feature Events
  • Weekly Events
  • Photo Gallery & Albums
  • Media upload and integration (Videos and music)
  • Communication settings administration (for contact forms, SMS and Mailing List subscriptions)
  • News briefs and detailed pages
  • Small Surveys
  • Social Media Integration (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Advertisement Spots