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Large Organizations


As a large organization, you already are very well aware of the importance of having a strong online presence. In fact, you likely already have a dedicated online marketing team. So what can Novem Media do for you?

The real world is a very dynamic place. It’s impossible to predict with any accuracy the new opportunities and new challenges that will come your way on any given day. As a result, there will be times when your in-house team gets overloaded and can’t handle a sudden new requirement. That’s when Novem Media can step in to help out. We can help you manage the peaks and valleys in your marketing needs, help you avoid overstaffing to be able to meet peak demands, and we can provide specialists for particular projects or activities where you may not have the expertise in house.
Some of the services we can provide to larger organizations include:
  • Design services: We are a full service design house, with skilled graphic designers who have experience with all of the leading design software. Our team is comfortable working on any of the leading CMS platforms including Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress. Whatever your technical needs – Java, Flash, etc. – we’re ready to help out.
  • Content: our in-house staff is augmented by a network of freelance authors and editors we work with. Our team knows how to write marketing copy that gets results.
  • SEO: Our team of SEO specialists are up to date on the latest thinking on how Google and other search engines rank pages. Our SEO team and our content specialists work together to seamlessly optimize key word density on your web pages. We can extract and post metadata that will help users find your information. We take the time to build real links, not spam. We can work with your team to develop an overall SEO strategy for your site.
  • Social Media Marketing: Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google +, and foursquare are among the many social media outlets that we work with. Our team can help you create or implement a plan to increase your organization’s visibility and build brand loyalty using social media.
Novem Media is committed to “white hat” SEO techniques. Our work will not get your site in trouble with Google for trying to game the system with spam type techniques. Our “measured results” approach ensures that you will be able to see progress being made on your online marketing investment.