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Connect to possible clients with the help of the people who know your business.

What is your firm doing to increase your client base? are you OK with just referral-based business?.

If you are OK with just obtaining referral-based clients then we commend you, but for those law firms looking to continue to grow through all possible sources, we want to say, here is Novem Media and we can help. We understand law firms, in fact, our management team has served the Legal industry for over 35 years combined. What we can offer your law firm depends on what you practice focus is, and how we can assess the existing opportunities and technologies available to simply help you shine and turn possibilities into tangible, consistently-growing business.

Novem Media understands that lawyers and law firms have unique online marketing needs.

Prospective clients often start their search for a lawyer online. Therefore it’s vital that your firm has a web site that conveys the right image, that makes an effective case for why clients should choose your firm, and that ranks high on search engines.

Many law firm websites are conservative and generic. But that’s not your only option, and a cookie-cutter design won’t help your firm stand out among hundreds of others in your area. Your firm’s website design can tell your potential clients at a glance whether you’re a hard-hitting personal injury lawyer, a caring family lawyer, or a tech-savvy intellectual property lawyer.

Legal Website Design : Our talented graphic designers will work with you to develop a “look and feel” for your website that reflects the image you want to convey to potential clients.
Web Content for Law Firms : We speak your language and provide content that describes who you are and what you do in a compelling way. Current and updated content is increasingly important to search engines, yet we know b...
Search Engine Optimization : Having the best web site in the world doesn’t mean a thing if no one visits it. We can develop a campaign optimized to fit your budget, balancing SEO and online advertising.
Online Advertising : One of the problems with communicating in writing is that no matter how strong the copy is, it’s not as personal as seeing and hearing a real person. The enthusiasm and charisma of a business’s