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Measurable Results

In the first of our principles, Opportunity, we described how we won’t sell you services we don’t think will work. But how do we know what is and what isn’t working?

The ultimate measure of success, of course, is whether or not your online marketing efforts are helping your business grow. Since overall business growth can be affected by many factors besides your online marketing campaign, and since it can sometimes be difficult to track which customer came from which source, we use a variety of other tools and measurements to monitor progress.

If we’re working with an existing site, we will establish a benchmark or baseline for how the site is performing before we do our work, so we can compare the “before” and “after.” For a new site, we’ll work with you to set goals for different measurable parameters. We work with tools such as Google Analytics to collect the data. There’s some overlap in what we look for on SEO versus online advertising, but each marketing also has some unique features.

For either SEO or online advertising
  • Traffic: Are you getting more visitors to your site?
  • Call tracking: We can help keep track of where callers to your business learn about you; with that information we can run reports on call volume.
  • Search engine ranking: What is your position on search engines for the keywords that are important to you?
  • Who are your visitors? Where are they being referred from? Which pages are the most popular entry/exit pages? How long do visitors spend on your site?
Online advertising
  • Conversions. This is the most important measure: of the people who click on your ads, how many become customers? This can also help you calculate how much it is worthwhile to spend on an ad.
  • What is your average price per click (PPC)?
  • How often do people click on the ad when it is displayed (this is called the “click-thru rate”). A low click-thru rate might indicate a poor choice of keywords.
  • For Facebook ads, we can monitor what kind of coverage you’re getting in the target population
For other work we do, such as business solutions, we’ll work with you determine both what are the most appropriate measures, and what the best assessment tools for us to use.