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Online Advertising

Have you paid attention to the shift from traditional media advertising to online? Today, the focus is to be present on visible spots online, why? because it converts better. Traditional media is intrusive and unwanted, involuntary and widespread. It is the typical shoot and spray approach. Traditional media is about covering as wide as population as possible, so that if anyone has a need you can supply, they may or may not contact you.

Online advertising is different, it is targeted, voluntary and most of all, wanted. People turn to their computers and browse the internet when they have a need to be supplied. If you are not amongst the ones offering a solution to those wanting what you offer, you are losing business.

Novem Media can take advantage of the new trends of online advertising; we can create a custom targeted campaign to help you be visible when people are searching for your products and services. We can put together a strategy that can help you understand what your current baseline is, and show you how the focus of our campaign can increase your visibility and quality of traffic. Note we don't say "quantity of traffic" but "quality of traffic", the traffic that will convert better even if it doesn't increase in numbers.

Novem Media has increased conversion rates and business opportunities for businesses like yours, effectively and within your budget
Our online advertising experts can help you make the right choices. Our services include:
  • Designing an effective online advertising campaign. We can help you decide where to advertise and how much to pay.
  • Setting up the campaign. We can create the ads, select the keywords, and manage the entire process on your behalf. 
  • Reporting results in a way you can understand. How much traffic is the advertising driving to your sites? How many of them are “conversions” (new customers)? Is the campaign cost-effective?
  • Fine tuning. Online advertising requires continual fine tuning and maintenance. There are many tools available to identify additional keywords and find new customers. There are different costs associated with different keywords and we can pick the ones that will give you the most “bang for the buck” and make your marketing dollars go farther.
If you engage Novem Media to create an online presence for your business, we’ll discuss online advertising as part of the package of services we can offer you. If you already have an online presence and would like a quotation for help launching an online advertising campaign, please click here and one of our online advertising consultants will get back to you quickly.