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We take a consultative approach with each of our clients. By listening, gathering information, suggesting solutions, and understanding your business we can design solutions that best fit your needs. We at Novem Media focus on four principles that guide our business and our relationships with our clients. Click on the links for a deeper explanation of each of our principles.

Web Design & Development : In order for an online business to thrive, it must have a professional and authentic visual presence on the internet. Internet business owners must realize that, although almost anyone can set up a website, not everyone has the business acumen in ...  View Case
Search Engine Optimization : Not only do budding online business owners have to have a professional looking website and great products, they also must assess their target market and who might be interested in buying the product they are selling. And, unlike generations of the...  View Case
Online Advertising : Have you paid attention to the shift from traditional media advertising to online? Today, the focus is to be present on visible spots online, why? because it converts better.   View Case
Copy Writing Services : Our team of talented copywriters can take your great ideas and turn them into compelling copy that SELLS. Copy that gets your point across succinctly. Copy that “keeps ‘em coming back for more.”  View Case
Online Video Production : One of the problems with communicating in writing is that no matter how strong the copy is, it’s not as personal as seeing and hearing a real person. The enthusiasm and charisma of a business’s owner or employees can be difficult to convey in writ...  View Case