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Targeted Efforts

In today’s world, the old “shotgun” approach of “spray and pray” simply won’t work. Success demands a focused, targeted effort. You have to know who your customers are, and you have to figure out a very specific approach to reaching them. You can’t afford to waste your marketing dollars on ads or SEO techniques that drive traffic without driving customers and revenue.

We will never sell you a “canned” solution, simply because it worked for someone else in your industry. For example, even though we have a lot of experience working with law firms, we don’t sell a “standard” law firm solution. Our experience has shown us that every law firm is unique – each has its own set of special skills and strengths that will appeal to a particular type of client. We work with you to develop a targeted approach that matches your strengths with the prospective client’s needs.

Especially with such a targeted approach, it’s important to be aware of trends and shifts in your industry and/or your business. Online marketing is a dynamic business, and success depends on frequent “course corrections” based on changes in the business environment. We monitor these trends and shifts so that we can make recommendations on how and when your online marketing program should be updated.