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Web Design & Development

Your web presence should be as unique as your business. Our team will work with you to develop a web presence – whether website, blog, or Facebook page – that will get the results you seek. The process starts with an analysis of your needs:
  • Who is the audience?
  • What’s the most effective way to reach them?
  • What image is appropriate for your market? “Edgy?” “Fun?” “Traditional?”
  • What features do you need?
Once we understand what you need, we get to work. We typically provide up to three revisions of the design and copy during the initial development phase. Some of the services and features we can provide include:
  • Graphic design. What colors should you use? Fonts? Page layout? Pictures? Our graphic designers know how to pull it all together so that your website has a professional appearance tailored to your market and customers.
  • Advanced elements. Want a little more “pizazz” in your site? We can add animated graphic elements or music to your site to make it more attention grabbing.
  • Contact forms. The point of your website is to let people find you and reach you. We can design contact forms that best fit your needs: email addresses (that will be secure from spam harvesters), a web-based form, or even live “chat.”
  • E-commerce. Do you want your customers to order products or services online? Want to automate taking credit card payments? We can enable all of these features and more on your website.
  • Blogs. Now more than ever, Google’s search engine algorithms emphasize the value fresh content. We can embed a blog on your website to make it easy for you to frequently post fresh content, which will also motivate people to come back and visit your website. We can also allow visitors to subscribe to your site and get updates when you post news and add new products or services.
From the time you say “go” it’s typically five or six weeks until your website is up and running. Click here to contact us and get started on your new web presence!

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